Monday, March 2, 2009

p.s. i love you

So, I want to apologize for not posting lately, but quite honestly I have been on work overload and blog writers block. Anyways: I am back, with new outfits from Ruby, Ralph Lauren.

Navy and cream striped blazer, ruffled black tank with bow, cropped black pants.
Switched out the blazers. Now wearing a white cropped blazer, logo on the pocket which I thought was adorable.

Floral dress, perfect for Dallas weather.

lovely dahling
p.s. if you think of any posts for me, comment! But with my new pieces, I feel many blog ideas coming about.

Friday, September 5, 2008

she's back!

hello there. yes, i know i haven't quite kept up with blogging, i am coming back starting with fashion week and will do my best to blog as much as my schedule allows with school and all.

for this comeback post, i am reporting on the first day of fashion week with my favorites looks, and the trends for spring 2009.

First starting with Sue Stemp. One thing i love throughout the collection is the hairstyling. The bows are perfection with puffed hair.
1. In the first look is a white tiered, lacey dress with a few embellishments. I love the simplicity of the look and how it captures the essence of spring: which is wearing white!
2.The next outfit is a high-waisted pant with a cloth belt and a coat. The belt adds a nice waist line, and also creates diversity, so you could wear this look in a few different ways.
3. A simple black dress with a bit of a twist to it. The bust is a cream color, which makes the dress feel a little more spring-y.
4. This was one of my favorites outfits from the first day of fashion week because this beige outfit is perfect for casual or dressed up attire. The best part is how the pants are draped from the waist down, and the bottom makes the outfit flow.
5. The designer likes to play around with waistlines, which we can see here again. I love the black shorts, and the ruffled top is perfectly matched.
6. Last is a simple white dress with embellished flowers with hints of black throughout. So simple but so elegant.

I found in the spring rtw collection of Rachel Roy her best pieces were here dresses. So here are my favorite.
1. This pantsuit was simplistic and elegant.
2. The draping and style of the top of the dress reminded me of the alberta ferretti dress Lauren Conrad wore to that ball in Paris (if you watch the hills). I love this piece because the bottom looks like a Greek goddess and contrasts with the tighter top.
3. Oh my goodness. I absolutely loved this dress when i saw it. It is whimsical with the writing on there, but very wearable at the same time.
4. The volume in the bottom of the dress is not noticed until you look carefully, which is well though out because volume in the bottom of a dress cannot be too 'out there'. But this dress paired with the shoes was marvelous.
5. I see this last piece of being younger with the multiple strands of pearls and pops of color. I like the added strip of gold at the bottom.
Travata's designs included many 'menswear' pieces, but transformed into women.
1. The first look is a blazer with a white piece underneath. I like the touch of the rolled sleeves of the blazer because it made it seem more casual and spring.
2. I liked everything about this outfit. The beige in the shirt with the white blazer and pants went together. And even though both the jacket and pants were white shades, they were different material. Also, if you look at the shoes, they are a Ked-like sneaker which gives off a beachy vibe.
3. This look is very simple, but what i liked was the braiding down the middle of the top.
4. I also liked this one because it is a total mens-wear outfit with a 'tuxedo' shirt and blazer, but i love the bikini bottom made from a black, almost jeweled material.

Elie Tahari was not too impressive, but i seemed to pick out a few favorites.
1. A very long, printed dress which is quintessential spring.
2. A white blouse belted with a long print skirt. This appealed to me because it is figure flattery with the waistline and the sleeves are the right length to go with a long skirt.
3. This piece was interesting because the bathing suit on the bottom is cut like in the 80's, but then you have a top tucked in and a rather long blazer, but as a whole, it seems to go together very nicely.
4. I really liked the contrast between the triangular part of the top bikini, and then the full pants on the bottom layered with a longer jacket.

more to come tomorrow!

p.s. thank fashionista from tres tres chic who helped to create the wonderful collages of pictures from fashion week!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

love is in the air.

especially in the February issue of Teen Vogue: My Funny Valentine


In Teen Vogue's photoshoots they are always layering clothing, but it looks so together. Simona wears an Emma Cook dress, with a Jill Stuart light skirt underneath it. The skirt makes the outfit longer looking instead of cutting it off. And with adding the white tights, it gives the outfit a new eccentric look. The accessories of the outfit are perfect, the many rings over gloves, and the headbands finished the look off.


The strapless, corset-like dress, with its light pink color, makes it so girlie and cute. The sweater underneath gives it a softer look. Adding the headband makes the outfit crazier, but at the same time I want the headband.


Red bubble dress made by Mairead Lewin, is the main focus. Although under the Luella raincoat, I love how the dress puffs out making the coat follow along with it. The contrast between the bright, red dress and the bare white tights make people look again at the outfit.


To finish it off the article, the picture almost seems to be giving us the idea they are saying goodbye. You would not want to say goodbye to this outfit, which gives off a sailor vibe. The blazer with a blue pattern on it, and the white blouse underneath layers the colors on top of the torso. The tulle underneath the plain black skirt gives body to the legs of the outfit. The matching of the red rose on the bag with the red leather shoes finishes the outfit off perfectly.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

make your new years resolution

to look great!

1: my first outfit starts off with this skirt.
pair it with a tight tank top, like showed. or to add bling, add a sparkly tank. then to finish it off, add some heels.
2. the second outfit is more dressy, with the main piece being an alice and olivia dress.
pair with black tights, from American Apparel
and prada evening shoes

3. This outfit inspired by Fanny Brice: start off with a foley dress
you could add light brown tights if you want, or show off those gorgeous legs. then finish with Pedro Garcia heels, that have a little brooch near the toes.

4. to enlongate your legs, wear this Catherine Malandrino dress
then pair it with Blanik pumps.
and top if off with a crocodile Nancy Gonzalez clutch

5. the main focus here is the twisted Alexander Wang dress:
paired with Valentino ballerina flats


Thursday, December 27, 2007

very sad

ok well first off, i am sorry i havent been posting lately. i am getting on that.

but whoever that anonymous commenter who has not been very nice, i do not appreciate that. but there will be no more anonymous comments anymore.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

serena van der woodsen style

me and my friend are being blair and serena. i- serena- was looking for outfits for my halloween outfit. so here and some of my favs
starting out- an outfit i tried on at Forever 21.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
this black dress is so cute on. and totally serena
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a gold heart necklace that is simple, and small but accents your outfit perfectly
then if you wear some black flats [which i already have] its a perfect look.

next outfit is one resembling the outfit serena wore to visit blair and then to the brunch-
starting off with some jean shorts from urban outfitters
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then a top resembling the one she is wearing from hollister
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to add on to- put on a simple cardigan from uo
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then the boots she wore
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*will add more once i go shopping again*

Friday, October 12, 2007

to the second power

this post is about dsquared's lines. i was just looking and the show had more dressy pieces to bathing suits. every outfit was well planned, and it looked amazing.
Starting off the show if Rihanna. I am glad that someone other than a uber skinny model is in the show. Well, there is good publicity for all of them. but im not getting into that.
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i an 80's bathing suit, with the same cute, but a little more modernized.
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i love this dress.
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the cut and the ruffles of this dress make is adorable.
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the jacket and dress go perfectly
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this bathing suit is aweoms! i love the top part with the ruffles.
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nothing to say about how amazing this is.
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